Alfa offers highest quality custom-tailored clothing for a fraction of what you would ordinarily pay for them locally. At any retail department store, you would pay $1500-3500 for a custom-tailored suit and upward of $180 for a custom-tailored shirt of equal craftsmanship and quality as Alfa’s. Delivery time at such retail stores is about ten weeks and beyond.

Alfa's products - custom-tailored, handcrafted men’s shirts and women's blouses, custom-tailored, handcrafted suits and custom-tailored, handcrafted jeans, with virtually unlimited design element combinations, in a vast array of incredible fabrics - start at less than $40 and are delivered within 25 business days (3-5 weeks). The fabric is the sole determining factor of your product's price - all design choices and options are included!


There are a few key elements to our concept and strategy, which make it possible for us to offer revolutionary value:

  • • No expenditures on big advertising campaigns
  • • No expenditures on traditional retail distribution
  • • Unique, proprietary production processes and software technology
  • • Very cost effective manufacturing in our own state-of-the-art production facilities


The combination of efficient, cost effective custom handcrafting and non-traditional distribution methods, along with our avoidance of expenditures for big advertising campaigns, make it possible for Alfa to offer outstanding quality at universally affordable prices. Our unique internal and external infrastructure and our proprietary software and production technology are the keys to the Alfa revolution.

Generations of tailoring spirit and pattern knowledge in combination with detailed product- and production experience merge into every single custom-tailored Alfa garment. The pride and attention to detail of our tailors ensure that every single exquisitely custom-tailored garment fulfills our customers' individual design wishes and far exceeds the level of satisfaction they are used to in regard to craftsmanship and clothing comfort.

Our unique operational processes and sophisticated software technology help warrant that your Alfa experience does justice to custom tailoring at the highest level. We made sure the customer has all the creative freedom needed and more product design elements to choose from on our interactive 3D product design web-pages, than if he or she were to consult a personal tailor face-to-face.

We do not attempt to build perceived value with ridiculously high mark-ups and then frequently advertise clearance sales like other brands. We price according to our expense structure and keep our pricing fair and responsible toward our sales team members and customers.

As an Independent Alfa Designer you are an integral part of the Alfa Revolution, as you educate the people in your circle about the virtues of Alfa custom-tailored clothing. We provide you with an interactive 3D product design website for your customers and a comprehensive online business management portal. We show appreciation for our partnership with incredibly attractive commissions and bonuses.