We are breaking the mold with our simple and transparent compensation plan. It's easy to understand and to explain to prospective IADs you are recruiting. No hoops to jump through, and you don't need a Ph.D. to keep track of what you're earning like with other network marketing companies. Your online business management portal (BMP) has all your current business statistics at your fingertips (your commissions- and bonus history, info about your customers and your team, your e-wallet balance etc.).


Commissions are listed below per product category (based on the respective fabric collection). The commissions are paid out in REAL TIME and added to your Alfa e-Wallet. To view your accumulated funds, simply log in to your online business management portal (BMP) and if you want to withdraw money, just request a payout via your PayPal account.

A free PayPal account is not required to sign up, but is necessary to withdraw money. If you don't have one, just go to PayPal.com and sign up in minutes free of charge. All you need is an email address.

Bonus Structure

Your monthly bonus works as follows:

When you recruit and sign a new IAD, he or she becomes part of your personal Alfa Team. Your Alfa Team is the first level of your bonus structure. As soon as a new IAD you recruited starts selling products, you earn a percentage bonus of 5% (!) for every sale processed on his or her website.

When a member of your team signs up a new IADs, they become part of the second level of your bonus structure. For every sale processed on their website, you earn 1% bonus. When a member of your second level signs up someone, that person becomes part of your third level and so on. You earn a continual bonus of 1% for everyone in your bonus structure from your second all the way down to your fifth (!) level (first level bonus is 5% as stated above).

PLEASE NOTE: Your bonus will be poured out into your Alfa e-Wallet only once a month (on the first of every month for the previous month). To qualify for the bonus you have accumulated during any given month, you will need to have passed the Bonus Qualification Amount (BQA) in sales revenue earned on your own website. The BQA amount in $200. The reason we have implemented the BQA (even one as low as $200), is that we want our company's and our partners' focus to be on our product first and foremost, and we want to avoid having folks out there attempt to solely earn money by managing their bonus structure.

[You are not obligated to participate in the bonus structure and sign up IADs if you don’t want to, and there are no penalties. If you want to concentrate strictly on acquisition and support of customers and the sale of Alfa custom-tailored clothing you certainly may do so.]

Bonus Levels:

Level 1 (Your Alfa Team): 5% (for every product sold on their websites)
Level 2: 1% (for every product sold on their websites)
Level 3: 1% (for every product sold on their websites)
Level 4: 1% (for every product sold on their websites)
Level 5: 1% (for every product sold on their websites)
BQA (Bonus Qual. Amount): $200 (in product sales on your site to qualify)


The following are potential earning scenarios using the Alfa Compensation Plan. For these examples, we assume that each person in the structure (including you) sells just 5 outfits per month. Here, this constitutes just 5 shirts and ties (one of each shirt collection; solid color ties), 3 suits (one of each collection), 1 three-piece suit (our cheapest one), 1 jacket (our cheapest one) and 1 pair of jeans. You can do that in a day! Your commissions for these specific sales are $472.50 and are added to the total at the bottom in each scenario. Depending on the example, each person also signs up 2 IADs (example 1), 3 IADs (example 2) or 4 IADs (example 3) to their Alfa Team.

Please understand that you are of course allowed to sell as many products and sign up as many IADs up as you want, and we encourage you to. So if you can make it happen, sell 100 products and work with 100 IADs. You will not be penalized or stopped, you will be supported and congratulated.