After mentioning to a prospective customer, that with you as a salesperson, any individual receives an estimated 10% discount on all Alfa products available across the board, simply refer to the following advantages:

VALUE (Quality/Price)

At any retail department store, you would pay $1500-3500 for a custom-tailored suit and upward of $180 for a custom-tailored shirt of equal craftsmanship and fabric quality as Alfa’s (no extra charges for oversize or monogramming).


On any of our interactive 3D product design pages, customers enjoy a virtually unlimited number of design combinations and more creative freedom than if they were to consult a local custom-tailor face-to-face. Every garment is tailored according to the individual customer's specific design wishes.

SIZING - Every Alfa product is tailored according to the customer's individual and specific body dimensions. For every order a unique custom clothing pattern is created.

CRAFTSMANSHIP - Every individual garment is handcrafted with great attention to detail by our master tailors, according to the customer's unique pattern, not machine-produced.

DELIVERY TIME - Estimated delivery time for a custom-tailored Alfa garment is 25 business days or less (3-5 weeks). The average delivery time for a custom-tailored and even inferior made-to-measure product in retail stores is 8-10 weeks and beyond. And there, you easily end up paying 5 times as much and more than what you pay for Alfa product.


Whether you opt to primarily promote your own interactive 3D product design website via social media and email, or whether you want to focus on actively marketing our products in person in your community or while hosting design mixers at your home, Alfa products are among the most sought after products in direct marketing today.

As soon as you explain Alfa's revolutionary product value (compared to traditional off-the-rack retail clothing) effectively to prospective customers, they start doubting the way they have been purchasing their clothing all of their lives. The appeal of a custom-tailored Alfa wardrobe cannot be underestimated.

We do recommend to IADs, to sell and consult in person, and we expect those who do, to wear Alfa clothing when they are in the field.

You will find that it is profoundly effective to serve as your business' own billboard, and to be able to show the virtues and specific features first hand.

Even people outside of your family and circle of friends will comment on your personal style, communicated via your custom-tailored Alfa wardrobe. Your look in your Alfa clothing and your belief in our product and vision will translate directly into easy sales and impressive commissions and bonuses all year around (for examples of potential compensation scenarios, please refer to the section "Earnings”).